Welfare Trust Benefits

Dick Lee, Trust Fund Administer
Updated 2016
The following information is an update for your estate planning.  It is important that your heirs know who to contact upon the death of a HHHART member. Listed below are some important contacts you should share with your loved ones:

ASO - Life Insurance(516) 394-9477
ASO - Dental Plan(516) 396-5500
Shelter Point Ins. Co. - Excess Major Med/Vision Care(800) 365-4999
HHHTA Welfare Trust Benefits - Dick Lee, Administer(631) 499-4240
HHH Central School District - Barry Corbett, Administer(631) 592-3094
NYSUT Member Benefits(800) 342-9810
AFT Member Benefits(800) 238-1133
NEA Member Benefits(800) 637-4636
NYSHIP - Empire(877) 769-7447
NYS Teachers' Retirement Sys.(800) 356-3128
Social Security(800) 772-1213
Medicare(800) 633-4227
Health Advocate(866) 695-8622
HHHART websitehhhart.net
HHHTA websitehhhta.com
HHHTA emailoffice@hhhta.com


Know Your Benefits

NYSUT Social Services Benefits
By Dick Lee 

NYSUT’s Social Services has been serving Union members since 2001 and is committed to improving the professional and personal lives of its members.  Their service is confidential and there is no fee.

If you find yourself or a family member in need of a referral for counseling, assistance in specialized services for a disabling condition, relationship issues, the location of a support group, assistance in planning for the care of your loved ones, information about retirement living options, advice and support in reference to an imminent hospitalization, they are near as your telephone.

Their staff can offer preliminary guidance about health insurance issues, and direct you to experts versed in specific issues relating to eligibility and coverage.

Finally, they provide follow-up and reassurance through difficulty times and periodic telephone contact for those in need.

Please give them a call at 1-800-342-9810, ext 6206 if you need their help.  No problem or question is unimportant to them.  Or if you prefer, email them at socsvcs@nysutmail.org

NYS Office for the Aging

This state organization offers retirees a myriad of services and guides designed to help senior’s find the resources available to them from our state government.  The following is a list of NYSOFA material available on their website www.aging.ny.gov.

  • Comprehensive Senior Citizens Resource Guide
  • Listing of Local Offices for the Aging
  • Listing of Programs and Services – Eligibility, how to access
  • Benefits Assistance through www.mybenefits.ny.gov
  • Caregiver Resources
  • Medicare Preventions and Screening Benefits
  • HIICAP Contact List
  • NY Connects and Comprehensive Searchable Database
  • Livable NY Resources
  • LTCOP Program Resources
  • Consumer Protection Resources
  • Disaster Preparedness Resources
  • Veterans Benefits
  • Employment and Volunteer Opportunities
  • Taxes and Exemptions

Traveler’s Assistance Update
By Dick Lee, Administrator, HHHTA Welfare Trust Fund

A few years ago we notified our members of a free NYSUT Travel and Medical Assistance Benefit underwritten by MEDEX.  NYSUT Benefit Trust is NO LONGER affiliated with this service.  They have replaced it with a new program called EUROP ASSISTANCE from Chub Travel Assist.  This is an enhancement to your no-cost-to-you Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance you are automatically enrolled in as a NYSUT member.

The program puts you in touch with a network of providers that can address the medical and legal needs of travelers.  So if you, or a covered family member traveling with you, become seriously ill, need a prescription refilled, require a legal referral, or lose your passport when traveling, EUROP ASSISTANCE can help you.  To ensure that you are well-prepared before your trip, the program provides access to essential information such as travel advisories and immunization requirements.

The following is a list of some of the services EUROP ASSISTANCE will provide to sick or injured travelers:

Medical Assistance Services

  1. Worldwide medical and dental referrals
  2. Monitoring of treatment
  3. Facilitation of hospital payments
  4. Transfer of insurance information to medical providers
  5. Medication, Vaccine and Blood Transfers
  6. Dispatch of doctors and specialists
  7. Transfer of medical records
  8. Continuous updates to family, employer and home physician
  9. Hotel arrangements for convalescence
  10. Replacement corrective lenses and medical devices

Travel Assistance Services

  1. Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents
  2. Emergency travel arrangements
  3. Transfer of Funds
  4. Legal Referrals
  5. Translation services
  6. Message Transmittals

Travel Risk Intelligence

  1. Pre-travel information
  2. Travel and health information
  3. Real-time security intelligence

Coordinators are available 24/7 and may be contacted toll-free at (1) 888-848-1041 from the U.S and Canada.  From other international locations you may call collect:  (1) 240-330-1577.  EURPO ASSISTANCE is there to assist you with any type of travel problem, regardless of the severity.  Please note that EUROP ASSISTANCE will provide coordination for any service, but will not provide any payment.

For more detailed information about your NYSUT Membership’s free Death and Dismemberment Policy with EUROP ASSISTANCE, visit NYSUT.org and click on “Login to my NYSUT” on the top of the homepage.

Webmaster:  Betty Jayne Volpe, bjvolpe@optonline.net

Benefits & Information

Important Dates

Life Insurance
  Billing Date(BD) - June 1
  Due Date (DD) - July 1
Yearly HHHART dues
  BD - Spring
  DD - July 1
Excess Medical & Vision Care
  BD - December 1
  DD - January 1
  $50 suggested - send in to TA or sign up for automatic deduction
  DD - January 1 - December 31

Creditable Coverage Requirements

For further information about the Medicare Drug coverage and NYSHIP's Health insurance click on this link for access to the "Creditable Coverage Requirements."
page one
page two

Health Care Benefit Forms
+++New Forms from our new administrator++++You can easily download and print the following forms.  Just click on the form you need and it should open up on your computer.


Health Care Advocate
Just what is the Health Care Advocacy Program and how do I use it?  Get the answers to these questions and more.  Click here to read further.

Planning Ahead

In preparing for the future you might want to take note of these contacts and information.  Click here to access the information.

Dental Plan Information

There is a plan for you to consider in retirement.  Click here to access the information

2010 Survivor Benefit Rates

These benefit rates are for survivors of employees who had Empire Coverage.  Click here for more information.

Do You Know Who Your Beneficiary is?

Do you know who your beneficiary is for your life insurance policy? If not, you should call ASO at (516) 394-9477 to update your records.