Dear Half Hollow Hills Retiree:

It is time to renew your membership in the Half Hollow Hills Active Retired Teachers (HHHART).  The Retiree Chapter dues are the only dues you must pay to maintain your membership in HHHART(your Retiree union), NYSUT and AFT.  This enables you to participate in all of our insurance plans including Excess Medical/Vision Care, and NYSUT’s discounts and travel offers, as well as to receive the HHHART Newsletters, our Directory, and other information we mail to members.  HHHART dues are due on July 1st.

NYSUT has established the following membership rules:

  • New retirees who were members of the Active Local (HHHTA) are eligible for membership.
  • If the Local provides a Retiree Chapter (HHHART), you must be a member in good standing of that Chapter in order to be a NYSUT and AFT Retiree member.  You no longer have to pay any NYSUT or AFT dues as you did when you were an active teacher.
  • If a Retiree fails to pay Chapter dues, the Local must delete him/her from NYSUT membership, and he/she will no longer be able to participate in Excess Medical/Vision Care and other NYSUT benefits. 

 Our HHHART Board has established the following:   

  1. Dues for the 2020-21 year will be $30, which includes $15 towards the Health Advocate Program. Since the Health Advocate Program services your entire family, please note that couples (under 75) who were both employed by HHH only pay $15.00 once.
  2. A special exception for HHHART members who are 75 or older – you are only required to pay the $15 cost of the Health Advocate program.  In order to take advantage of this exception you have to notify us of your birth date for our records.
  3. ***All dues must be paid within 90 days –July 1st to Sept.30st.  You will be deleted from membership after that date and lose Excess Medical/Vision Care and other NYSUT benefits. 
  4. If you wish to have the HHHART BEAT and union notes mailed to you instead of receiving them via e-mail, you will need to pay an additional $15 a year to cover postage and printing. This check is not to be sent to the TA – note the directions attached.

So that we may update our records, please complete the information on the linked forms and return with your check for $30.00, if you are under 75, and for $15 if you are 75 or older, made payable to the HHHART.  If you have any questions, please call me at (631) 878-6126 or contact the TA office at 631-499-4240.  We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us your news!  I hope you have a pleasant summer. 


Mel Stern
Rick Volpe 
HHHART Co-Presidents

Renewal Application Form

Webmaster:  Betty Jayne Volpe,