2017 Happenings

The Constitutional Convention

What you need to know.

The constitutionally required 20-year referendum to propose a constitutional convention will be on the Nov. 7th ballot.

If it passes, three delegates per state Senate district and 15 at-large delegates - 204 in total - would be elected at the next general election, in November 2018.

Delegates can include members of the Legislature or other elected officials, as well as political party leaders - and they can hold both positions, collecting both salaries.

The convention would meet in Albany in 2019 for an unspecified duration, and then publish its suggested amendments.

Any proposed changes are submitted to voters for approval separately or as a group for another public referendum.

This is an Election Year

At our annual meeting on June 9th, the 2017-2120 HHHART Officers will be approved by the attending members. 

Meet the proposed slate of officers.

Co-Presidents -
     Mel Stern
     Rick Volpe

Co-Vice Presidents-
     Nancy Baral
     Valery Levy

     Malinda Dobrins

     Fred Seiden