Frequently Asked Questions

We are creating this page to aid you in quickly finding answers.  This is a work in progress, so please continue to access the FAQ page for updates. 

1.  Where can I get vision plan forms?  "Recently I received an email asking for the vision plan forms.  Usually I tell people to call the TA office.  Realizing that there are vacation times and shortened work days where the office is not available, my next option is to send them to the Active Teacher's website.  Well, it is currently undergoing a facelift and the links are not easily visible - so I decided that the hhhartline needs to have these files readily accessible.  You now can find them on the Welfare Trust page! "
Betty Jayne Volpe

2.  What should I do about a dental plan?  "I've had questions about the Dental Plan.  I tried to go online and found that the code we published for access in the newsletter didn't work. The best thing to do is to call CIGNA on their phone number in the article. Also, I checked with my dentist and found that his prices on items such as exams, x-rays,  and implants were considerably less than those in the CIGNA online article.  I recommend that anyone considering this plan do the same."
Joan Petroske

3. What does Medicare mean to me?

Watch the following video for information pertaining to Medicare.  Find your voice and speak up.

4.  How do I navigate Medicare Part A and Part B? 

Barry Corbett is our Employee Benefits Supervisor. Navigating and understanding the Medicare and NYSHIP (Empire Plan) can be daunting.  He has sent the following explanation to aid us.  A special thank you to Barry.

Medicare Part A ---- covers Hospital Charges
All members of the US work force pay for Medicare Part A throughout their careers. They are automatically enrolled by the Government upon attainment of age 65 regardless of employment status.

Medicare Part B----covers Medical Charges (Doctor/Surgeons)
NYSHIP (New York State Health Insurance Program) requires ALL enrollees who are retired and attain age 65 to enroll in Medicare Part B.

Here is how it usually works:

  1. After you are retired and on Medicare--you go to the doctor for a physical he sends the bill to Medicare—they usually pay about 80%.
  2. Medicare then sends it to United Healthcare—they pay the difference.
  3. United Healthcare then sends you an EOB (explanation of benefits) showing what Medicare paid, what they paid, and what you owe—usually a $20 Co Pay to the Dr’s office.

 Medicare Part B is not free—the Government (Social Security Administration) charges $96.40 -$110.50 per month (referred to as the base amount).
If you are collecting Social Security benefits the charge will come directly out of your monthly allotment, If not, they will bill you directly.

Since NYSHIP requires that you and /or your spouse enroll in Medicare Part B, they require the district to reimburse you for the cost.  Our district reimburses our retirees for the base amount on a semi-annual basis—once in early January and once in early July.

At the end of the calendar year, the Social Security Administration sends out an SSA 1099.  This document reflects the amount of SS payments remitted to you and the total amount of Medicare Part B Premiums that were deducted.  Any amount of Med B premiums charged above the base amount and not reimbursed by the district will  be reimbursed in a third check upon receipt by the district of a copy of the enrollee and/or enrollee’s spouses SSA 1099.

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