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Reported by Dick Lee, Trust Fund Administer
Reprinted from the HHHART BEAT, June 2010 issue

Our Health Advocate program reconnected a veteran retiree with HHHART. In the first week of May, I received a call from Mildred Huff, inquiring about the services provided by our Health Advocate plan. When I first came to Half Hollow Hills, in 1967, Mildred was the Chairperson of the Candlewood Home Economics Department. Her southern drawl, warm personality and witty humor were infectious. Mildred retired in 1977 and now lives in a retirement home in Rhode Island after residing for many years in Asheville, North Carolina.
Mildred is 96 years young and has 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. She says bridge and travel keep her sane. She has sailed on the QE II twenty-two times. One of those voyages was around the world in 101 days. Mildred’s advice for living a long life is:

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Walk 4 to 5 times weekly for 20 to 30 minutes 
  3. Stay involved, especially in your own affairs
  4. Stay flexible, sober and solvent

We welcome Mildred back into HHHART and wish her continued good health and happiness. For those who would like to contact her, she may be reached at 401-284-4388 or you may write her at, 57 Grandville Ct., Apt 2203, Wakefield, R.I. 02879.
Mildred contacted us because she had heard from other Half Hollow Hills retirees of the benefits of our Health Advocate program.

Your personal health advocate can help you: (Remember that Health Care Advocate is available to you and your family, including your spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.)

Find doctors, specialists, Hospitals, treatment centers nationwide
Expedite appointments with specialists
Research and explain your condition and treatment options
Facilitate transfer of medical records, x-rays, lab results
Sort out medical bills
Address coverage issues, uncover billing errors
Find a full range of caregiver support services

On elder care issues: 

  • Find quality facilities
  • Locate caregivers
  • Address a range of coverage issues, including medicare

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