Planning Ahead

Perhaps in your estate planning you might want to take note of these important contacts.  Make them available for your family.

NY State Teachers' Retirement System - 866-695-8622 ext. 6140
Social Security - 800-722-1213
Medicare - 800-633-4227
Barry Corbett at HHH Central Office - 631-592-3094
Life Insurance (if maintained after retirement) - HHHTA Office, 631-499-4240 - Newman Co., 516-488-1100
Excess Major Medical/Eye Coverage (if maintained after retirement) - Newman Co., 516-488-1100

Take Note -

♦ If you have continued your union negotiated life insurance policy into retirement and are up-to-date with the yearly premiums, you should notify our office of any name, address, phone number, or beneficiary changes. Currently, our carrier is Mutual of Omaha and the monthly rates are $.21 per $1,000 of insurance.  The yearly premium is billed to you in June and is due in July.  Newman Company is our third party administrator who does the billing.

♦ Excess Major Medical/Eye Glass Coverage is available only to EMPIRE enrollees who were participants in the plan while they were actively employed in the District. If a HHHART member deceases, his or her spouse may continue this coverage as long as they continue their enrollment in the Empire Plan.  The current Excess Medical yearly rates, which are billed by Newman Co. in December are: Individual - $46.20, Family - $110.40

♦ The Health Care Advocate plan may be continured by a spouse after the death of a HHHART member.  The cost to the survivor is $12 per year and is due by July 1st.

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