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Teachers Growth Scores Not to be Released

We know there are a lot of concerns about SED's recent release of growth scores for teachers/principals with grades 4-8 math and ELA students. Some media outlets are incorrectly reporting that parents will have access to the growth scores, but this is NOT true. 

Under the privacy bill passed in the recent legislative session, the 20 percent growth scores for individual teachers are protected from disclosure to parents or the public. The new privacy law says only finally determined composite ratings may be disclosed to parents of students in a teacher's class at their request. For the small number of districts that have 2011-12 APPR plans, these scores will be just one part (20 percent) of a teacher's evaluation. Most school districts will not have composite scores under the new APPR until 2013. You may want to remind your district of this provision of the law.

Because the growth model is being used for the first time to produce these teacher growth scores, you should request a copy of the scores from the district to review. If you think any of the scores are in error, you should ask the district to request a review by SED. If you need assistance from NYSUT, contact your LRS. Per our commitment, NYSUT will have an independent expert review the state's growth model. 

Per our RA resolution, NYSUT will continue its messaging that a student is more than a test score. We have designed a tool kit for local presidents to assist with educating parents and the community on the need for a balanced assessment system. You will receive this online resource next week.

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