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Blog posts : "Test Scores"

AFT Petition

Please sign this AFT e-Activist petition <http://action.aft.org/c/44/p/salsa/web/common/public/signup?signup_page_KEY=7691>  and tell USDOE that testing and other invalid measures will not work to determine the success of teacher prep programs. New proposed regulations would use unreliable, out-of-c…

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Math Test Errors - Spring 2014

The fiasco of the missing pages in some of the state math tests given last week in more than 100 schools is yet another example of SED's flawed testing policies. Here's our news release.

NYSUT is compiling a list of affected schools and will press for whatever correctives are needed.

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NYSUT Calls for 3-year Moratorium

Updated November 2013
The events of the past several months continue to strengthen our argument for a moratorium:  a moratorium on the high stakes consequences of state standardized tests. This position allows us to remain committed to accountability, appropriate testing and the potential Common Core…

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Monitoring the New Evaluation Procedures

Public school classroom teachers should have received their 2012-13 composite scores and ratings by the end of the day on Sept. 3. Teacher Improvement Plans (TIPs), where required, must be provided within 10 school days after classes begin.

NYSUT is aggressively monitoring the delivery of scores, d…

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Teachers Growth Scores Not to be Released

We know there are a lot of concerns about SED's recent release of growth scores for teachers/principals with grades 4-8 math and ELA students. Some media outlets are incorrectly reporting that parents will have access to the growth scores, but this is NOT true. 

Under the privacy bill passed in …

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NYState Test Scores

If you were surprised to see that HHH 's and your own school district's test scores were lower this year, here is NYSUT's take on the subject.
NYSUT: You can't just raise the cut scores
After dramatically raising the cut scores for grades 3-8 ELA and math exams, the State Education Department last wee…

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