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Social Security

The American Stories Project
 Have you benefited from Social Security benefits? Tell us your story!
 Social Security is a promise made to all Americans. This month, Social Security turns 75 years old, and Alliance members will honor its great history with parties and events.
 In the lead-up to these events, we invite you to share with us how Social Security has made a difference in your life - or positively impacted a family member, neighbor or friend.
Please submit to us your story here. It might be...
·        A story about you, a family member, a friend or a neighbor.  
·        A story about Social Security helping a family survive after a tragedy.
·        A story about Social Security making retirement possible.
The American Stories Project is a chance to join other Americans in demonstrating the ways that Social Security has advanced our country - our economy and communities.
 Click here to share your story. You may also choose to submit photos or videos by email to ARACommunications@retiredamericans.org.

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