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Gun Violence- New York

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence Applauds Albany Common Council's Passage of Firearm Safe Storage Law

Albany, NY – September 2, 2015 – This evening the Albany Common Council passed a law requiring the safe storage of firearms and ammunition. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence applauds the pass…

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Multiple Pathways to Graduation

The public comment period for the new pathways to graduation for students in the arts, humanities, STEM and Career and Technical Education has begun and will end Dec. 20. Calling it a long overdue step in the right direction, NYSUT is asking members to submit comments in support of the move. Here's …

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Seniors and Credit Card Debt

Seniors Face Growing Credit Card Debt Crisis

According to two recent studies, seniors are facing an alarming, and growing, debt crisis. A report from AARP’s Public Policy institute and Demos, a research organization, compared the amount of credit card debt held by different age groups. The report fou…

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Hollywood Takes Another Shot at Educators

Won't Back Down, a fictional account of parents seeking to transform a school in Pittsburgh, opens in theaters across the nation on Sept. 28. The movie is produced by Walden Media, which produced the notorious Waiting for Superman.

Like SupermanWon't Back Down negatively depicts teachers and…

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State of the Union Address

President Obama, Mitch Daniels Offer Different Views on Current State of the Union

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, and the Alliance for Retired Americans issued a press release contrasting his ideas with the Republican response offered by Indiana Governor M…

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Waiting for Superman - the movie

In theaters: "Waiting for Superman"

You may be asked about this movie ...
"Waiting for Superman" is a documentary film being released this month nationwide. It's very critical of public schools and promotes charter schools. You may get asked about it. Here are talking points. The AFT also provides th…

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"Write Stuff"

The following was in a communication from the ARA.
Retirees with the Write Stuff: Write Letter, Win Pen
“Retirees with the Write Stuff” is a project recognizing retirees whose letters to the editor are published,  If you have had a letter published recently, please email us at letters@retiredam…

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