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Something to Consider

What to Say When the 2009-10 Congress and President Obama are attacked for their Legislative Record.

Don’t Believe the Radical Right’s Political Spin!

When they say, “The Pelosi/Reid Congress and President Obama did nothing, and achieved little, during the past two years.” You Say… Not true!  This has been the most effective, productive, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-union Congress and President since 1964.

Major laws adopted and by this Congress include:
-Lilly Ledbetter “Paycheck Fairness Act” to deter wage discrimination against women by closing loopholes in the federal Equal Pay Act and bar retaliation against workers who disclose their wages.

-Credit Card Reform Law the most sweeping change to the credit card industry in 40 years, restricting banking practices that contributed to consumers' financial problems during the recession.  The new Law restricts banks’ interest rate increases, fees and credit offers to college students; it forces banks to print the card agreement in plain English.

-The “Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act,” a.k.a. student loan reform, making it easier for students and their families to go to college and prohibiting banks as third-party, for profit, loan agents. The law will save students and their families thousands of dollars in loan and interest payments.

-The Federal Stimulus Package which halted the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, saved 3 million American jobs and created the largest green energy program in U.S. history.

-Saved America’s automobile industry with $14 billion in loans from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, saving thousands of union jobs.

-Health Care Reform Law making Medicare financially stable for an additional 10 years, phasing out the “doughnut whole” and abolishing fees for preventative Medicare services, such as mammograms and prostate screenings.  The Law prohibits health insurance plans from placing life-time caps on coverage to beneficiaries, and denying health care to people for pre-existing conditions, such as cancer and diabetes.

-The “Financial Services Reform and Consumer Protection Act” the most dramatic revision of the U.S. financial regulatory framework since the Great Depression and create a consumer financial bill of rights.

-Nuclear Arms Treaty with the Russia, the first arms treaty time since the 1980s, restricting the numbers of nuclear weapons between the world’s two Super powers.

-Successfully Confirmed two Supreme Court Justices, both female Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

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