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Get Out and Vote

6 Days to Election Day.  Let's do all that we can to GET OUT THE VOTE!

Elections have Consequences: Get Out the Vote!
If Republicans Take control of Congress in 2011:
Rep. John Boehner of Ohio would become the new House Speaker. He supports raising the Social Security retirement age to 70. (“Meet the Press” August 8, 2010).

Rep. Mike Pense of Indian would become the majority leader and 2nd ranking member of the House majority.  He favors reforming Social Security to cut benefits for younger workers. (“Meet the Press” August 8, 2010).

Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin would become the chairperson of the House Budget Committee.  The House Budget Committee oversees financing of the Social Security and Medicare programs.  Mr. Ryan also is a member of the Deficit Commission and public proponent to Social Security privatization.

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