A Message From Our President - 2014

The Fall season is suddenly upon us and with it came our Annual Luncheon.  We were fortunate to meet the new retirees and hear from TA President Rich Haase and Mel Stern who gave us insights into the turmoil created by the State Education Department (SED) testing in the Spring which was based on the new Common Core Learning Standards.  NYSUT, AFT, and NEA support the potential of these standards, but protest the rushed and flawed implementation of the tests without adequate resources, curriculum, and support.

As a result, scores were much lower and, as Dick Iannuzzi stated, K-12 teachers have returned to their schools confronted by state test scores for students and their own individual composite scores - meaningless scores based on bad data that in isolation are misleading and hurtful for both teachers and their students.  

As retirees, we face the threat of constant efforts to reduce the federal deficit by cutting our Medicare, Social Security, and other benefit programs.  The Consumer Price Index(CPI) to determine monthly Social Security and other benefit payments is one such effort.  This would change the formula used to calculate Cost of Living allowances, payment rates and thresholds for means testing that determine when a person is eligible for benefits. The CPI doesn't account for the increased amounts retirees spend on health care.  The oldest retirees and disabled would see a benefit cut of about $500 annually after 10 years and $1000 after 20 years.  NYSUT is opposing this, as should all of us.

Joan Petroske


Meet Our New Office Manager

Cathy, the office manager for the Teachers' Association(TA), has retired. She has been our "go-to" person for many years.  We hated to see her go, but wish her all the best in this next stage of her life.  

The Teachers' Association has  a new office manager. Meet Chrissy James.  (If she looks familiar, it is not your imagination. She is Cathy's daughter!)

A Message from our President - March 2014

I've been contacted by Tobi Phillips, former AHAP teacher at HHH who wants to reach out to HHH Retirees as candidates for part-time teaching in the  Village East Gifted School.  I thought we might have some members who would be interested in this opportunity.   She has openings right now so I thought our website might be the best way to reach people.  For additional information about the school, you may visit it at - VillageEastGifted.com

Click the file below if you are interested.
Job Opportunity

In unity, 
Joan Petroske 

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Events 2014

Fall Luncheon
Thursday, September 18

Thank you Honey Kellman for planning a wonderful day.  View the pictures in the photo gallery. Our infamous photographer, Alice Langholz has done it again - the pictures are great!

HHHART Annual MeetingWednesday, June 18th

The annual meeting proved to be very informative and well attended.  Take a look at our photo gallery by clicking the link at the top of this page.